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An Employee Handbook or Personnel Policies Manual should be developed and distributed to employees only. A Volunteer Handbook or Volunteer Policies Manual should be developed for your volunteer workforce. The overlap in policies should be minimal, such as those related to safety matters. Employees who also volunteer should be instructed that their volunteer service is governed by the policies in the Volunteer Handbook, and that their paid service is governed by the policies in the Employee Handbook. An employee who volunteers should have a job description and a Volunteer Agreement. A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties.

  • Another key benefit to an agreement is that you’re able to mitigate any mis-communication by spelling out the scope and expectations of the position from the very start.
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  • Mental or emotional experiences that may arise from a volunteer’s form of work.
  • By signing the form below, I declare that I am of legal age and I understand the contents of this Agreement.
  • Partnership agreements are necessary for establishing terms and conditions that will help resolve any future disputes.

The Volunteer agrees to abide by the rules, regulations, orders, and requests provided by the rulebook, supervisors, and the Representative. The Volunteer agrees to undergo all necessary training to perform duties. The Volunteer or the Representative may terminate this contract early at any time, for any reason, without penalty. Collect your online responses with Jotform and turn them into professional, elegant PDFs automatically. The integration provision verifies that the version you are signing is the final version and that neither of you can rely on statements made in the past.


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Because the Volunteer is not an active employee, they may terminate this volunteer agreement at any time for any reason they deem necessary. This organization created a word document that they will use to print out and hand out to volunteers in person. It is important to consider if you would like your volunteer agreement to be online or paper.

Volunteers may work for nonprofits without expectation of compensation, and nonprofits are free to recruit and retain true volunteers without undue worry about the risk of wage and hour claims. By creating a volunteer agreement template, you are ensuring an organized volunteer program! Creating a volunteer agreement form is the first step to getting started in building a volunteer program. Having these templates on file to edit as your program changes and expands is a wonderful opportunity that can help make your job a bit easier now and in the future. Volunteer agreement forms are in almost every volunteer program, in small ways and significant ways. Depending on your program, you may have lengthy volunteer agreement forms or more minor, basic volunteer agreements. As a document, it offers you robust coverage that will be recognized and enforced in a court, if necessary.

Volunteer Agreement

I’ve had many an instance where I just showed up to a volunteer event, and was immediately put to work. And though there’s technically nothing technically wrong with being this efficient, there are a few benefits to be gained from having new volunteers sign a volunteer agreement first. Depending on your organization, you may not need as severe of a volunteer agreement form. This is a relatively simple document as it just needs to cover the basics of the volunteering services. Identifying information about the volunteer and the organization will be entered, as well as the title of the volunteer’s role and what specific volunteer services they will be doing. If the organization wishes to reimburse the volunteer for certain expenses, they can. Then some additional information will be entered, such as the name of the volunteer supervisor and an emergency contact.

These volunteer waiver tips ensure your entire form-management system is smooth, straightforward, and — most importantly — simple for you and your volunteers alike to understand. Studio Rental AgreementYou can use this studio rental agreement sample for collecting renter’s name, date of rental, renter’s signature. Then, all you need to do is open the Jotform’s PDF editor and add your own branding to the design that we have prepared with this sales quote form. Free Construction ContractCreating a Construction Contract in each project is a tedious task that is why it is more practical and efficient to have a standard template that you can easily customize and print. Jotform provides a sample Construction Contract template which you can download, edit, add images or logo, sign, print or save it for future use. With our PDF editor, you can also change the whole design if you need to. By signing below, both parties agree to the terms of this volunteer agreement.

Best Practices For Using Volunteer Liability Waivers

Organizations often avoid using volunteer waiver agreements for several reasons. Administrators may feel the nature of volunteer roles doesn’t call for such strong legal documents, or work only with a select group of seasoned volunteers whom they know and trust. Likewise, they may simply not have the time to create these formal waivers or understand their benefits. All in all, volunteer agreement forms give a professional look to necessary information forms. They also allow a signed document for organizations to look back to for essential information.

Allow volunteers to take roles within an organization without the fear of any information becoming public or released to a third party. For example, an agreement is probably one of the cheapest marketing tools you’ll find out there. The first, if not the second, question asked should always be “How did you hear about us? If on a tight budget, like most non-profits, than having a running knowledge of how volunteers are hearing about your organization can be extremely helpful with targeting efforts. Another key benefit to an agreement is that you’re able to mitigate any mis-communication by spelling out the scope and expectations of the position from the very start. Every non-profit has had that volunteer intern who thinks an hour of sorting paperwork just about suffices as laborious work for the day. Having a volunteer agreement would allow you to detail what is appropriate/inappropriate behavior, what will cause termination, and the right questions would even allow you to vet out trouble before it hit.

Is a volunteer agreement a contract?

Consideration. It’s pointless to have a volunteer sign a contract that can’t be enforced. In order to be legally binding, every contract needs both parties to receive something of value, often referred to as consideration (see Consideration: Every Contract Needs It).

Ideally, the volunteer should sign this prior to performing tasks for the agency. Volunteer Contracts or any sort of law-enforceable documents are not the same as volunteer agreement forms. The following volunteer agreement templates are not enforceable by law; if you are looking for a document that volunteers can sign in a legal aspect, please seek assistance from a lawyer. Due to their indication of awareness and consent, volunteer waivers are considered a document of understanding. Organizations should use volunteer waivers, releases, or similarly named agreement forms as a general best practice, to protect the organization from complicated legal situations before the volunteer’s actual shift. As a bonus, release waivers also provide transparency to your volunteers, clarifying role expectations while maintaining clear lines of communication with anyone dedicating time to your causes.

Consider having your volunteer releases and waivers of liability read over by someone with legal expertise. Law students at local universities, as well as firms with pro-bono programs, make great resources, especially to ensure your forms are understandable and accessible, yet contain legally pertinent language. Many nonprofits and organizations choose to employ verbatim that the volunteer is “willingly,” “actively,” and “voluntarily” signing the release with their full expressed consent and intent. By signing the release, the volunteer agrees to all the aforementioned clauses — and checks off an essential part of your successful volunteer screening and orientation process. A statement of activities section is particularly essential when drafting a role-specific waiver. It is also a good practice for minor waiver forms, as it provides a definitive description for parents or guardians to understand what their child will be doing with your organization. There are at least two key issues that arise when volunteers receive payment or benefits from the nonprofit organizations they serve.

Basic Rental Agreement

State laws, however, may define and restrict how volunteers work and for whom. We are making sample materials available for public service and educational purposes on the basis set out on the site including its Terms of Use. Your review or use of a document made available on the site does not create an attorney-client relationship with the Clinic or any of its lawyers or students. You should not use any such materials without first seeking the advice of a lawyer.

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The process will grow simpler and more organic the longer it’s supported, and you’ll get better at writing for your organization’s specific consent and liability needs. A permission to treat section releases your nonprofit from legal repercussions if first aid or any similar medical service is rendered during a volunteer’s time at your organization. Volunteers cannot file claims indicating your organization is to blame for the initial health or medical emergency, or for health issues that arose after or in connection to an incident. Often, these clauses are worded under an “assumption of risk” paragraph. If signed, volunteers state they understand the inherent risks of their roles or tasks and assume the full responsibility of any injuries and harm from them, therefore releasing your organization from liability.

This organization used a downloadable PDF, where viewers could print or fill out online. Volunteer Agreements display an organized front to a volunteer program. Mental or emotional experiences that may arise from a volunteer’s form of work.

Use this Recruitment Strategy Agreement Template to point out why you can match the perfect candidate with the right job. Cooperative Agreement Template Use this cooperative agreement or memorandum of agreement can be used to legally lay out the steps toward an agreed upon result. Safety guidelines – this would be where COVID-19 information may be. It may be important to write out a description of risk and how a volunteer can cancel a shift if they feel liable or nervous about COVID-19.

Can for profits have volunteers?

Under the FLSA, employees may not volunteer services to for-profit private sector employers. … There is no prohibition on anyone employed in the private sector from volunteering in any capacity or line of work in the public sector.

May your nonprofit’s paid employees also serve as unpaid volunteers? Each year the NRMC team receives numerous calls and email messages from leaders who tell us that their dedicated, paid staff are eager to volunteer in the evenings and on weekends. With a role-specific volunteer waiver of liability, your organization drafts and documents specific release forms for each type of volunteer position. A volunteer liability waiver form is an official document volunteers sign indicating their consensual participation in activities or roles hosted by your organization. Yet the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has recognized that a volunteer in a religious, charitable, civic, humanitarian or similar nonprofit is not subject to the FLSA.

General volunteer waivers for nonprofits are the most basic and approachable document of understanding. Proceed with Care When Paying Volunteers — Remember that the definition of volunteer is grounded in the idea of service without contemplation of pay. This Volunteer Non-Disclosure agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between _________________ (“Company”) and _________________ (“Volunteer”) and is effective _________________. Volunteer is performing services for the Company without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation for services rendered, and in the process may be exposed to Confidential Information . The Agreement is intended to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information. A liability releasetransfers legal responsibility for emergencies, accidents, or negative encounters off your organization, mitigating the risk of hosting volunteer activities. Build waiver signing and release statements into the earliest days of your organization’s overall volunteer recruitment pipeline.

House Rental Lease Agreement

Your nonprofit is responsible for determining the fair market value of the goods it distributes to volunteers and for withholding the tax from a volunteer’s stipend or other income provided. Generally, the fair market value of a benefit is the amount an individual would have to pay for the item at a local store or restaurant.

Why Are Volunteer Agreements Important

A media or publicity release gives your organization permission to use a volunteer’s images or quotes across publications. The use of specialty tools or equipment is part of a volunteer’s role — for example, the use of power tools during a home or business renovation project.

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