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Hi Sharon – Thanks for sharing your experience. If you end up going with another platform, I’d been interested to hear what you choose. Our nonprofit Resource Hub, searchable by topic and keyword. Find the exact nonprofit advice you need when it comes to web design, digital marketing, branding, communications, or online fundraising. I would love to stay with MailChimp but I’m not allowed to import my own design with the free plan. It’s really too bad because I don’t want to have to build our mailing list with another company.

vertical response for nonprofits

Eventbrite for Causes helps nonprofits use technology to make events easier to run and more impactful. Givebutter streamlines the fundraising process digitally, allowing your organization to access a wider donor pool at their convenience.

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NMBL Strategies Social Media Optimization Calculator – Here at NMBL Strategies, we recognize that many nonprofits utilize social media as a free source of marketing and outreach. We have developed the Social Media Optimization Calculator in order to provide organizations with an expected return on social media advertisements. Hi Carmen – I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. This could signal that your mailing list was purchased, which is against the policies of most platforms.

See what real users have to say about VerticalResponse, some positive experiences and some negative. We hope these user comments can help you make an informed decision about which service to choose. Nonprofit email marketing isn’t just about fundraising. In particular, political activism that demands change. We’ll confirm your 501 status and flip the free email switch! Within 2 business days, you’ll be off and running with free, professional email.

Find all the details on these free services here. Since founding 4aGoodCause in 1998, Ronald has had the joy of doing what he loves – building software that makes a difference in the world. For over 23 years, Ronald and the 4aGoodCause online fundraising platform have helped raise millions of dollars for nonprofits from Maine to Hawaii. Qualification for Nonprofit Pricing– Your nonprofit must have 501 status to be considered for Google for Nonprofits. After your application and organization website are reviewed and accepted, you are eligible for access to all special nonprofit marketing offers. PG Calc’s marketing services can help extend your online reach!

For both options, it’s important to make sure that your sign up form is easily accessible and simple to use, with only the fields you really need. I think that MailChimp makes this pretty easy with their form builder.

I just really want my own design as it brands us with our targeted population. They offer a generous 30% discount for nonprofits. For any organization interested in the discount, they ask that you reach out to their support team using For example, your survey can be used to identify supporter demographics.

You can carefully develop and craft every email so it connects with recipients and strengthens donor relationships. PG Calc will even help you build a trustworthy and professional-looking newsletter. We might be biased but, matching gifts are great! For organizations looking to improve their matching gift outreach, there’s no better tool than 360MatchPro. Nonprofits can identify potential matching gifts and send reminders to donors about submitting requests. Plus, organizations can track submitted requests to get a more accurate estimate of the funds raised.

With Salsa’s reputable domain, you can be confident your message will land safely in supporters’ inboxes. Does your organization offer free or discounted nonprofit services?

You can use that information to target your donation requests to people who are likely to contribute. Leverage the power of VerticalResponse with insights, examples and practical advice from our email marketing experts. See how easy it is to build your business with skillful campaigns and strategic customer outreach.

We have a list of perhaps 400 persons interested in learning more about the non-carbon energy solution that must play a role in slowing earth warming – energy from the atom. France has used this solution successfully and safely since the 60’s. Their whole country runs on this energy, as does the whole U.S. The false fears spread by competing energy systems have not happened with those two users and many more. It really has come along way in recent years, especially compared to other services that still use older interfaces. Not great for free users but lots of self-service resources.

Save money and use cutting-edge tools to improve your fundraising, communications, organization, and overall mission success at your nonprofit organization. For an event, you create a website, send out email invitations, and even promote it through your linked social media accounts. Not many other email marketing software programs provide services like this, so if you’re interested, it’s probably a good idea to take a look at what VerticalResponse has to offer. Company Profile– Eventbrite offers creative tools that make it easy to organize and sell tickets to all kinds of events.

How To Organize Your Emails With A Mailchimp Master List

Reach out to us at and let us know why we should add your service to our list. If you are a nonprofit organization, reach out to us to learn more about how we can use our tools to support your organization. Special Offers for Nonprofits– Eventbrite for Causes is a program dedicated to helping nonprofits further their missions through successful events. Program members receive great resources related to the challenges and opportunities presented through hosting nonprofit events. There is a simplified process to obtain a special non-profit rate to create an account for your nonprofit events. MarketSmart offers intuitive technology designed specifically for major and legacy gift fundraising. With their comprehensive tools, organizations can easily qualify, cultivate, and prioritize their prospects.

vertical response for nonprofits

Or are you stuck in the decision-making process? Wondering how Mailchimp compares to other options?

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Upload up to 100MB videos and embed them in your sites. Full-featured open source office productivity suite, featuring word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database packages; free MS Office replacement. Amy grew up in England and in the early 1990’s moved to North Carolina where she completed a bachelors degree in Psychology in 2001. Amy’s personal interest in writing was sparked by her love of reading fiction and her creative writing hobby. Amy is currently self employed as a freelance writer and web designer. When she is not working Amy can be found curled up with a good book and her black Labrador, Jet.

  • Mailchimp can grow as you do and they’ll even help you do the growing with their advanced analytics.
  • The writing is more technical, as you mentioned, but it gets easier to digest the more you understand their terminology.
  • They’ll bring their analysis to your social media, too!
  • It features a video link, personalized news stories and a strong CTA.
  • So you have your marketing software, but now you need accounting software, too?

Although they’re a traditional CRM,GreenRopecan help with marketing too! Between website tracking, functioning workflows, and marketing automation, GreenRope will help your nonprofit gain a competitive edge. ActiveCampaign will help your nonprofit with metrics. You can track page visits to give you real-time analytics. Plus, just to prove to you how well they can market your organization, they’ll provide you with an amazing return on investment you’ll be tracking with their metrics. Download our Top 10 Questions to Ask When Considering Fundraising Software!. Does MailChimp link with our website and wordpress.

Donor management software is crucial for your nonprofit’s success and efforts to further your cause. Constant Contacts’ templates format perfectly for everything from 15” screens to social media snippets. Mailchimp can grow as you do and they’ll even help you do the growing with their advanced analytics. You’ll be able to check up on your donations and website activity with their reports.

These awards recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. Check us out and find more inspiration at, a meeting point for digital design professionals from across the globe. Plus, you can integrate your API or AutoPilot to get the most out of your data and personalize every approach for better engagement. Wanted to add – maybe you or the readers will find it useful.

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With all the groups, lists, workflows, etc. to keep track of, you can breathe a sigh of relief because your email marketing platform has got you covered. Just compose your email, choose a list, and schedule exactly what you want to do with the email.

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Create a survey designed to learn more about your supporters, their demographics and what they expect from your organization. Stay up to date with the latest in nonprofit marketing, communications, and web design. So you have your marketing software, but now you need accounting software, too? With so many options, it can be hard to find the right advocacy software for your nonprofit.

Action Network – The Action Network is a free online tool that partners with progressive causes to support their mission. Their online tool can be used to organize people to take action, communicate via mass email, engage activists digitally, raise funds, and more. No matter which service you choose, make sure to review a platform’s anti-spam and permission policies to make sure that your list qualifies. For example, here’s what Campaign Monitor looks for during their approval process. I think MailerLite’s automation is perfect for beginners or for someone who doesn’t need super advanced automation capabilities – I found it very easy to set up and use, UI is simplistic. You can easily segment your users by actions they take and depending on that start different automation sequence.

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They’ll bring their analysis to your social media, too! You can set up automated reactions when your campaign is shared or talked about online. That said, I’m afraid that the MailChimp website continues to be the best place to find a wide range of instructions and tips about their services. In part, this is because their information is always going to be the most up-to-date about how to use their product. Like any technology, the platform changes often, so it’s easy for online tutorials in other places to quickly become outdated.

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