We need your private information in order to assist you with your bookkeeping activities. We can’t work for you, if we don’t know anything about you. We understand that you might not be happy to disclose your personal data to us. Please, be assured, that everything you say and send to us is kept confidential, according to our privacy policy.It’s protected with the help of your reliable encrypted secure system. We strictly adhere to our data security regulations to the extent allowed by the legislation. Working with us, you can be sure that all your private data is protected and we won’t disclose it to any third party without a reason, which will seem quite serious to us.

Our Privacy Policy

We’ve developed out Privacy Policy, so that our customers don’t have to worry about their personal information. This our rules include: – All the personal data we get from our customers is protected with the help of reliable encryption system. We only share this info within our company, so that our experts can render remote bookkeeping services for you. – We won’t share your private information with your competitors or another third party. If we need to disclose your personal data to anyone, we’ll ask for your written permission beforehand. – We’ll have to share your private data with IRS representatives, according to legislation, which we adhere to. But we need a really serious reason for that, and we assure you that you’ll be the first one to learn about it. – When we have some doubts about possibility of keeping your personal information confidential, we’ll consult with attorneys, so everything will be done according to the law.

Sources of our information

We learn about our customers as much as necessary from several sources, and all of them are legal: – The information, given by our customer while registering on our platform. – The data, received by us while working for our clients. We know much about their cashflow, taxes situation and so on. – Conversations with our customer support team. When our customers have some problems or questions, they get in touch with our customer support and disclose their personal information to them. – Third-party sources, including websites, experts from other companies. Those sources are legal and open. We, simple-accounting, are a client-oriented company. We’re greatly devoted to our business and we care about our customers. We protect their private information from anyone while adhering to the law.