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Hello! My name is Harry Vance. I am a representative of Simple-accounting company. I run my blog to give you more information about bookkeeping services, including tax preparation and reduction, payroll management, bank and credit card reconciliation, invoice processing and many other activities. You can read and ask any question by email:, phone: 1-312-341-6791

ARREARS Definition & Usage Examples

Call-in arrears refers to the amount that a defaulter shareholder has not paid on the call money by the due date. It is calculated by deducting the paid-up capital from the called-up capital. The issuer may recover the unpaid call money if the recei... Read more

Apportionment Definition & Meaning

However, unlike district systems (or the hybrid models) no one elects a representative that represents them, or their specific region, and voters might reduce personal contact with their representatives. While parliamentary systems provide for disso... Read more

Accrued expenses definition

An example of an accrued expense is when a company purchases supplies from a vendor but has not yet received an invoice for the purchase. Employee commissions, wages, and bonuses are accrued in the period they occur although the actual payment is ma... Read more

Understanding Arm’s Length Transaction

The arm's length dealings in this case, mean that both an employee and a supervisor each have a qualified advocate. The type of sale can provide some clarity into whether the transaction was (or currently is) an arm’s length transaction, wheth... Read more

What Are Basic Accounting Adjusting Entries?

Any remaining balance in the Prepaid Insurance account is what you have left to use in the future; it continues to be an asset since it is still available. At the end of the month 1/12 of the prepaid insurance will be used up, and you must account f... Read more