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To keep your SAM registration active, be sure to renew at least once each year. Renewal can take 5 days or longer if incomplete or incorrect information is provided. If your registration expires, you cannot submit a grant application until it is renewed. EBizPOC must renew your organizations SAM registration annually. It will take 3-5 business days for your renewal to become active and replace your current registration. Updates made in SAM are reflected in the next business day. Additional time may be needed if the structure of your organization has changed since your last renewal.

  • SAM registration is not completed on the website.
  • Includes videos on how to register with, how to search for a federal grant, intro to applying on, and more.
  • On, users can create an entity registration, update or renew an entity registration, check status of an entity registration, and search for entity registration and exclusion records.
  • The change we are making creates predictability for the cost of entity validation services.
  • By separating the government requirement for a UEI from the government requirement to validate that the entity is unique, we introduce competitiveness into entity validation services.
  • Remember, you must be signed in to your account to view entity records.

Use the SAM Status Tracker on to check your organization’s registration status. You may also contact your grant administrator, financial department, chief financial officer, or authorizing official to identify whether your organization has registered with SAM. If your organization is already registered, take note of who is listed as your E-Business Point of Contact . Use the SAM Status Tracker to check your organization’s registration status with SAM.

Step 2: Register With Sam

Wondering to yourself, “How do I complete my entity administrator notarized letter? ” Read this FAQ from the Federal Service Desk for more information. In the meantime, will continue preparing the system to accept the new applicant UEIs when they become available. Applicants should continue to review for information on the flexibilities available andcontact Supportwith any questions. In addition, EPA will continue to provide flexibility to EPA applicants who are experiencing operational capacity or other issues due to COVID-19 affecting their submissions consistent with the above OMB guidance. You must have your DUNS number and other information about your organization, including its Tax ID number, which is the same as an Employer Identification Number . If you do not have an EIN, Apply for an Employer Identification Number Onlineexternal icon and get your EIN immediately.

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In 1998, entities were required to get a DUNS number by the Federal Acquisition Regulation . In 2008, this requirement expanded to federal financial assistance, affecting over 630,000 public and private entities seeking federal contracts and/or grants. If your entity is registered in today, your Unique Entity ID has already been assigned and is viewable in The Unique Entity ID is currently located below the DUNS Number on your entity registration record.

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SAM registration is not completed on the website. Once the SAM Registration is complete, you must return to to continue registration. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Learn more about Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion. July – the final policy and business outcomes for validation and verification were completed. Your registration will automatically be assigned a new UEI which will be displayed in

Remember, you must be signed in to your account to view entity records. To learn how to view your Unique Entity ID go to this help article. Your EBiz POC provides a critical role in maintaining your SAM entity information. They are also responsible for key tasks in, such as, authorizing the individuals that are able to submit grant applications on behalf of your organization.

If you are already registered with SAM, check your SAM registration to ensure it is active. If your organization does not have a NCAGE code, you should allow an additional 3 business days to obtain one. SAM is a system required by the federal government to collect information on organizations applying for grants and contracts. Entity uniqueness is determined by the new entity validation service provider. Refer to the Guide to Getting a Unique Entity ID if you want to get a Unique Entity ID for your organization without having to complete a full entity registration. If you only conduct certain types of transactions, such as reporting as a sub-awardee, you may not need to complete an entity registration. Federal grant applicants who are registered with the System for Award Management are assigned a Unique Entity Identifier that will phase out the nine-character Data Universal Numbering System Number in April 2022.

Sam Updates Its Registration Process

We want to make the change easier by sharing information about the coming changes and transition plan. GSA is preparing all IAE systems (, FPDS, FAPIIS, etc.) to display, accept, and/or assign the new Unique Entity ID. Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. Once you have completed your SAM registration, it takes 24 – 48 hours for your SAM registration to be recognized by has a robust Help page, including a Live Chat option where registrants can get real-time help. Assistance can also be found at the Federal Service Desk (, which is accessible from the Help page. Each AOR should register on using the organization’s correct DUNS number.

The MPIN is your organization’s personal code that acts as a password and will later be used by the E-BIZ POC to approve Authorized Organization Representatives in Click the Register link in the top banner and complete the on-screen instructions. When your organization registers with SAM, you must designate an EBiz POC.

The General Services Administration , is in the process of changing the current ID numbers, previously called DUNS Numbers assigned through System for Award Management, to a new Unique Entity Identifier or UEI number. To stay up to date on the latest UEI news from GSA and to determine how you can prepare, please visit

You will be unable to submit your SAM registration online unless all of the mandatory information is provided. Find registration, search, and application instructions for all users in the Online User Guide. Introduce a new UEI, generated in the System for Award Management (, as the official identifier for doing business with the government. Visit UEI Technical Specifications and API Information page to learn more about UEI/EVS technical specifications for interfacing systems and sample data extracts. uses SAM to establish roles and IDs for electronic grant applicants. The new entity validation services provider is Ernst & Young .The service providers must validate that entities are unique. Today, entities must record any changes to their legal business name and physical address with D&B.Only after your DUNS record is updated, and the data is available to, can you update their entity registration. If your organization is located within the United States, you do not need to have a CAGE code prior to SAM registration. Once your entity registration is submitted for processing, the information will be routed to DLA for CAGE Code assignment. Once the CAGE Code has been approved, it will be sent back to SAM and added to your entity registration. You will be notified if there are any issues with your CAGE code assignment and provided with corrective instructions.

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The General Services Administration recently extended the deadline for completing the government transition from the Data Universal Numbering System Number to the New Unique Entity Identifier to April 2022. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. This page on will help you through the initial steps you need to take before starting registration. If you are starting the registration process on or after April 4, 2022, you will not need to obtain a DUNS number. Instead, you will go directly to and they will assign you a UEI for free. Each AOR must update their registration every year and their password every 90 days. They will need the organization’s MPIN to approve AOR registrations.

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Entity uniqueness continues to be validated by D&B as part of the DUNS number assignment process until April 4, 2022. The DUNS number remains the official identifier for doing business with the U.S. If you operate a system that connects with IAE systems, documentation about using APIs to access is found at is The latest version of FPDS ATOM feed includes the Unique Entity ID. FPDS released a crosswalk to populate the Unique Entity ID in contract actions in agency systems.

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Before you apply for a HRSA grant, you must complete three registrations. After you submit your SAM registration and your information is validated, you will receive an email from letting you know your registration is active. If your organization is located outside the United States, you will need to obtain an NCAGE code prior to registering with SAM.

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This video provides an overview of the workspace options for users that have access to entity registrations in For detailed applicant information, review the Applicants section of the online user guide. Stating you are the authorized entity administrator before SAM will activate your entity registration in NBDC provides assistance for business owners seeking registration with the System for Award Management for the purpose of SBA grant application.

You may also contact your grant administrator, financial department, chief financial officer, or authorizing official to identify whether your organization has already registered with SAM. If your organization is already registered, take note of who is listed as the E-Business Point of Contact . Government is changing.The unique entity identifier used to do business with the government is changing. The US Federal government has used services from Dun and Bradstreet to both identify (using the DUNS® number) and validate/verify federal contractors since 1978.

November 2016 – OMB created an interagency working group to zero-base business needs for entity validation and verification requirements. Find customer support at a single helpdesk for all UEI and entity registration issues. The process to get a UEI to do business with the government is changing. The purpose of registration, core data, assertions, representations & certifications, points of contacts, etc. in will not change and no one will be required to re-enter this data. You will receive an email when your account is active in SAM. In this post, we begin preparing applicants for what the UEI rollout will look like within the system – particularly, what users will see when working on an application or taking other actions within Workspace. Enter the data into the fields online or read it over the phone to complete your registration.

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