Bookkeeping for Owner-Operator Truck Drivers

Invoicing can be daunting, but trucking companies must receive payment from their clients. With an online bookkeeping service, you can create, send, and keep track of invoices to manage your cash flow. You can also use trucking bookkeeping services for following up on account receivables to avoid chasing down clients for late payments.

At PorteBrown Accountants and Advisors, they understand that transportation companies are the lifeblood of commerce and the economy. So their accountants and bookkeepers work tirelessly to offer high-quality services to trucking companies nationwide. PorteBrown also draws on 75 years of industry experience and state-of-the-art accounting technology to ensure their accounting services’ accuracy. For many small and mid-size trucking companies, bookkeeping is an unlikeable, but necessary part of operating a trucking business.

What can happen if I incorrectly report my trucking business income and expenses?

If you decide to hire a compliance service, this e-book will guide you through some of the regulatory and safety questions to help you get the most for your money. Let our experts help with permitting, compliance, insurance down payments, and more so you don’t have to tackle it all alone. TBS is dedicated to spending the next 50 years making it easy for independents to get started and stay rolling. To start your trucking business, you need a Motor Carrier Authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). During the 14-day protest period, TBS will establish your BOC-3 while you file for insurance. Learn more about our small and mid-sized business consulting services during a free consultation.

  • Most truckers use trucking bookkeeping services to handle their bookkeeping needs.
  • With ATBS, a dedicated consultant will walk you through the entire process of preparing and filing your taxes so you can be confident everything is accurate.
  • For example, if you utilize a bookkeeper who offers tax reconciliation services as well as industry benchmarking data, they can help you spot expense documentation you may have forgotten to send.
  • Keeping compliant is as important as finding loads to haul and keeping a well-maintained vehicle.
  • To start your trucking business, you need a Motor Carrier Authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Get meaningful advice from professionals who know your business inside and out. TBS will process your MC#/USDOT Number and BOC-3 for free (both are required to activate your authority), with no annual membership fee or application processing fee. Your out-of-pocket cost will be the $300 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration fee and the $50 BOC-3 registration fee which covers the lower 48 states.

ATBS Offers Complete Business Services for Truckers

Keeping your business’ books is a full-time job and a critical part of your operation. The Trucker CFO is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who specializes in helping owner-operators, independent contractors, fleet owners and trucking entrepreneurs. With our bookkeeping service, we utilize strategies truckers bookkeeping service and solutions to help you manage your money effectively and help increase your profits. Complete Business & Tax Services for Truck Drivers
At ATBS, we are much more than just a trucker tax company. This allows you to spend less time worrying about your business & taxes and more time doing what you love.

trucking bookkeeping services

A good bookkeeper will be able to use this information to help you figure out where to make adjustments in your business to both earn and keep more money. This includes your work cell phone/computer, tools & equipment, education, and even insurance. A bookkeeper can completely minimize the chance of mistakes in your accounting. TBS has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through trucking permitting services across state lines. While you wait for your USDOT Number, let us help you prepare for your audit. We give you the right resources to help you comply with federal regulations.

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