QuickBooks vs Quicken: Knowing the Difference

The software can be used to track income and expenses, create invoices and receipts, and generate financial reports. Quicken and QuickBooks are two popular accounting software programs. Quicken is designed for personal finance while QuickBooks is geared toward small businesses. Both programs can track income and expenses, create budgets and generate reports. One other type of plan Quicken offers is a subscription to its personal finance app, Simplifi. This app started back in 2020 and is intended to provide users with insights into their financial habits.

what is quicken

I appreciate that you can see the entire dashboard on one screen, no scrolling required. What sets FreshBooks apart is its ability to track time, which is crucial if you’re a service-based business that charges by the hour. Along with NeatBooks, it also comes with a customer-facing portal that lends an air of credibility to your company—and makes it easier for customers to pay bills or place an order.

What are the alternatives to Quicken?

That feature set is not a complete list of what QuickBooks can do. It can also plug into many additional software tools for added features. Essentially, QuickBooks is the Swiss Army knife of business financial tools—it can do just about anything you might need for your business.

What QuickBooks offers for the small business, Quicken offers for individuals and families. Quicken tracks your account balances, transactions, investments, personal budgeting, loans, and any other part of your personal financial life. The Home & Business version includes the ability to track rental properties and small businesses in addition to your personal information. QuickBooks is an accounting software program that offers a variety of features to help small businesses manage their finances.

Easily track your spending

These interactive tools combine fill-in-the-blank fields with sophisticated calculators and reports. For many years, Quicken has included tools that some people will never use, such as long-term planning tools and property/debt-tracking features. But they’re there and they stay out of your way when you don’t need them.

Does Quicken still exist?

There are Quicken versions for Windows and Mac, as well as an online version. Quicken was sold to Aquiline Capital Partners in 2021. At one time, Quicken was one of the only alternatives to tracking personal finances manually on a spreadsheet. Today, there are many choices for personal finance software.

Starting at $30 per month, QuickBooks Online offers features, such as a more robust mobile app, real-time collaboration and access on the go. The most expensive plan for its Online option is $200 per month and includes up to 25 users, batch invoices, customized access by role, automated processes and exclusive app integrations. Whether you run a small business or do some freelancing on the side, accounting software is a must-have tool to keep your finances in order. One popular option is Quicken, which has been in the personal finance management game since 1983. Since then, its offerings have expanded into business as well, with features like business document storage, asset management and custom reports for tax schedules. Quicken Health Expense Tracker was a free online tool for healthcare consumers enrolled in participating health plans.

Using Quicken for Investment Tracking

You could, for example, choose a calendar that shows what happens every day, such as expected income and upcoming expenses or overdue transactions. There are lists of bill and income reminders, graphs illustrating total spending by category, asset allocation charts, and budget adherence reports. You can also save multiple views containing different groupings of content. quicken bookkeeping It also has more features for personal finance, such as the ability to track investments, keep track of rental properties and create debt reduction plans. As robust as Quicken is, you wouldn’t expect to be able to access all of its features remotely. The Quicken mobile app for iOS and Android offers a surprising amount of your financial information, but not all of it.

  • Though the companion website doesn’t include every feature in Quicken’s desktop version, it provides the numbers you’d most want to see when you check in.
  • The investment section has been redesigned, and there’s more customization and the ability to see multiple budgets.
  • Your accounts and their balances appear in a vertical pane on the left, divided into Spending and Saving, Investing and Retirement, Property and Assets, and Loans and Debt.
  • There are lists of bill and income reminders, graphs illustrating total spending by category, asset allocation charts, and budget adherence reports.

Quicken is best for handling your personal finances while QuickBooks is best for managing your small business, unless you’re a landlord. Quicken offers more bang for your personal finance buck, but QuickBooks is more intuitive and easier to use. Accounting software and other financial software focused on the small business niche have also grown in recent years. True alternatives will provide the ability to manage a business’s accounting books, send payments, create and send invoices, collect payments, and budget.

There you can choose from options related to program functions like navigation, the register display, and downloaded transactions. Kathy Haan, MBA is a former financial advisor-turned-writer and business coach. For over a decade, she’s helped small business owners make money online. When she’s not trying out the latest tech or travel blogging with her family, you can find her curling up with a good novel.

what is quicken

In the Spending area, for example, you can quickly generate reports for Spending by Category, Spending by Payee, and Income and Expense by Payee. Content under the Bills and Income tab deals primarily with your incoming bills. You can set up reminders to track upcoming bills and enter each manually, or you can connect to online billers where you have accounts to download the pertinent details. You view the list by biller name, due date, or as a graphical calendar.

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