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When she’s not speaking at conferences around the world, or conducting board training sessions, Lori delivers virtual communications training through her annual Ignite Your Fundraising Results program. It is easy to rattle of the statistics of child hunger and equally easy to skim over that paragraph. Pairing statistical data with a story that validates the it creates a compelling argument. In this case, finding a child whose life had been positively impacted by a nutrition outreach program adds a human element to the statistics. Click on the image to read about projects for which Carolyn is seeking funding and partnerships. In your grant application you can’t just be shouting the whole time.

It works to counteract a history of cultural appropriation and negative portrayals to the outside world. It celebrates Native culture, heritage, wisdom, sacred stories, and the storyteller while promoting diversity in cultures, peoples, and programming across the country. A women of color, artist-led organization, inspiring artists and culture makers to imagine a world where power is distributed equitably and where people live in harmony with nature. It supports artists through fellowships, training and opportunities for activation; creates stories and content to address social issues; and engages groups in cultural strategy for social change.

As a grant writer myself, I am observing that grant proposals are becoming shorter these days. That means there is less “space” to tell a story, and hence you must focus on the facts at hand and why you need financial support. This, compounded with a flood of advice provided online by communications experts – which is sometimes misconstrued to apply also to grant writing –means there is a disconnect with reality. Yes, storytelling is an important aspect of nonprofit communications, but use it sparingly when it comes to writing grants. A public media organization devoted to empowering and engaging Native People to tell stories. It creates programming, preserves tribal media archives, produces classroom tools, and supports contemporary and historic stories.

Whether it’s to pass that big test, qualify for that big promotion or even master that cooking technique; people who rely on dummies, rely on it to learn the critical skills and relevant information necessary for success. I’m curious about how much story grantors actually want. My hunch, even if they say they want to get straight to the point, they say one thing but they want something else. I’m not talking about telling a Harry Potter, 7 book, wizard story. I think grantors want a story, whether they admit it or not. The grant winner retains ownership of all rights to submitted images, including all copyrights. Your narrative and budget should be mirror images of one another, so be sure that they tell identical stories.


At a recent presentation for a grant I applied for, I found out that there were 15 applications to the small foundation I had chosen as a best match. This may sound small, but for them it was unprecedented and I found my small group competing for funding against United Way. Your donation to the National Geographic Society supports critical research, exploration, and education programs around the globe. Our grant recipients are a diverse community of change-makers from around the world, and we actively seek to help them network and connect more deeply with National Geographic and each other. If I cannot understand what you need and why, and fairly quickly, I will turn my attention to the next proposal. You also grant Focus on the Story the right to print and exhibit your work at its annual festival. Storytelling can be a part of any grantmaker’s portfolio and strategy.

You’ll see examples of why sharing facts and stories is more powerful when combined with an image. You’ll also discover what works and what doesn’t when using visuals in your storytelling. Nonprofit Hub suggests using every opportunity to connect with individuals who have benefited from a nonprofit, but also the people who make things happen. By having employees and beneficiaries sign a release form, you are able to use their stories to convince a potential funder that your organization is making a difference. As writer you need to reach across the page or screen and attempt to do that.

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Include a real quote from someone who was affected by your organization’s work, or a compelling anecdote of a real life that was forever altered for the better. A nonprofit devoted to the art and craft of storytelling.

  • I think there can be more focus and polishing on the budget side.
  • Part of professional writing is the ability to use all the tools and techniques available to you to produce your best work.
  • It is located at the former Lorraine Motel, where civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968.
  • I’m curious about how much story grantors actually want.
  • Through interactive exhibits, historic collections, dynamic speakers, and special events, it offers visitors a chance to walk through history and learn more about a tumultuous and inspiring period of change.

In an age overflowing with technology and lives that move at 80 miles an hour throughout the day, what is it that will make your message stand out? Research tells us that stories are remembered 22 times more often than facts alone. In this session, Lori L. Jacobwith will take you through the power of visual storytelling.

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And so hopefully you’re already storing them all in one easy to access place, so that when you’re ready to write, you have your logic models item one and you open up the story Bank. It’s a Google sheet, it’s a Google Doc, it’s something in Salesforce but a place where you can say, what do I have as options for the actual stories I might tell or reference. Tracy is responsible for building out Candid’s public and education programming, including stakeholder and networking events for New York City’s social sector at both professional and community-based levels. A San Francisco-based youth storytelling and empowerment organization.

Well if you don’t try to connect with them, if you don’t try to clarify their black-and-white guidelines, I mean it’s not like we’re interpreting their guidelines and there’s as much room for interpretation as say a text with your friends, right? But there still is a lot of room for interpretation in funder guidelines. And what does success really look like for them and why do they promote some grantees but not others on their website or social media? Talking with grant makers is an incredible competitive advantage and I think too many nonprofits don’t spend the time trying to find that connection, either by calling directly or asking board members. Their proposal could fall flat compared to someone else now who called.

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They’ve got to understand your work and your passion. The past two years have been a whirlwind for charitable giving and fundraising. As federal funding cuts to education, agriculture, and the arts looms and social issues continue to be at the forefront of the news cycle, grant funding has changed dramatically. While social programs continue to face an onslaught of cuts, other organizations such as the ACLU are benefiting from a significant increase in charitable giving.

Grants Of Up To $1500 Available Under Quick Response Grants Program Australia

In the effort to protect our oceans, the Save Our Seas Foundation funds and supports research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats. Since first awarding a grant in 1890, the National Geographic Society has been investing in bold people and transformative ideas. Our funding opportunities aim to further understanding of our planet and empower a global community to generate solutions for a healthier and more sustainable future. If you have more questions about grant writing, use the secure contact form on this blog to reach me.

A national culture change organization using the power of story to transcend politics and shift conversations about immigrants, identity, and citizenship in a changing America. It works to humanize the conversation on immigration through television consulting, original content development and production, media advocacy, and live events.

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It creates spaces, both in person and virtually, that challenge youth to find and present their voices through arts education and youth development practices, civic engagement strategies, and artistic presentations. It produces local and national poetry slams, festivals, and readings, alongside a slate of arts-in-education programs. An institute dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences from the United States and around the world. It connects film, television, new media, and theater artists with audiences to present original voices, inspire new ideas, and create community around independent storytelling. Through mentorship, outreach, community-building, and research to investigate barriers and opportunities for diverse artists, it aims to reach the widest possible array of projects for support across its programs. A documentary photography organization in New York City.

Ocean Storytelling Photography Grants

Applicants must be 18 at the time their applications are submitted. A well-written proposal has both an ear for detail and an ear for its audience, and the more you keep those details and readers in mind in equal measure, the more effectively you have set yourself up for grantseeking success. There can often be misunderstandings amongst nonprofits as to what constitutes a strong proposal in the eyes of a foundation. While there’s no one way to write the perfect proposal, there are some guiding strategies that will go a long way. A nonprofit organization focused on bridging divides through conversation.

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No sponsors in our database are part of National Storytelling Network. National Storytelling Network is not a part of any other sponsors in our database.

They don’t think about how they tell who they are and what they do in a way that best answers the question and in the context of that specific grantmaker. Logic model, even though it feels very formal and document style. And the reason that we were doing that and we still do- and why I love, thank you for this question- I love talking about budgets for telling stories is that… think about whether you wrote three pages or 50 pages. The budget document itself will always be smaller and will tell a story.

A public media organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible. It funds, produces, distributes, and exhibits Asian narratives in film, television, and digital media. With a specific focus on exposing audiences to new voices and communities, it advances the collective understanding of the American experience by offering programs to engage Asian Americans and the public at large.

You must respect their inquiries and the way in which they prefer to receive information. I often meet nonprofit executive directors and development professionals who insist one must be “creative” when writing a grant proposal in order to grab the attention of the potential donor and to secure funding. Have grantees answer a narrative-strategy question. For this reason, grant-application guidelines could call for applicants to state a question about strategy or tactics that they will address over the life of their project. The results could be published on grantmakers’ websites, adding to collective knowledge for the field. A grassroots organization that produces and promotes literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.

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