Types Of Nonprofits

The 501 designation applies to supplemental unemployment benefit trusts. These organizations exist to provide support and payment to individuals who are permanently or temporarily unemployed. These nonprofits must be supported by the employer or emp... Read more

United Nations Civil Society Participation

In addition, the Committee hosts a listserv for communicating with members, and is starting a website to post information about UN meetings and offerings of the Committee. The NGO/CSW/NY organizes events for women ambassadors to the UN, the Committe... Read more

Tips For Submitting Your Nih Grant Application

Take time to look over the mission of each of the agencies to which you are submitting a grant proposal so that you can focus on what they care about. They are more likely to fund your project if it has similar goals as their organization. The Supp... Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Group Buying Sites

Group buying is also used for purchasing real estate properties. Real Estate Group Buying is very popular in India where websites like Group Bookings offers group deals on various properties. EverSave– A social group buying site that offers local da... Read more