How To Keep Good Records About Donors To Your Nonprofit

Here you can record the Date of transaction, Name of contributor, Amount contributed, Payment Type along with the payment reference. You can also record your comments with each contribution, like if the contributor can be approached again for other events or they want the details of contribution and contributor remain discrete, etc. Yet it is rare that an organization gives more than lip service to its database. Luckily, we can help negate the cost issue with our free Bloomerang Lite™ database available for qualifying customers. If you’re a brand new organization or a one-person shop on a budget, Bloomerang Lite™ is a perfect fit. Securely accept donations online and manage your volunteers with ease. A good-faith estimate of the value of goods or services provided; insubstantial values need not be recorded.

It is unwieldy and unrealistic, as well as unnecessary to think that a nonprofit will keep every document it generates. Every fundraiser event involves a lot of monetary transactions therefore it is important to maintain a record of each transaction, carefully. Charities received needs to be accounted for an audit, later and this template makes a fundraiser event a transparent process. It is best suited for small-scale fundraising events including charity events, parties or school fund raising events however you can also use it for medium or large events. Prayer Request Form Never miss a prayer request or congregational need with this editable online form for churches and bible study groups. Using our simple form builder tool, create a customized Prayer Request Form Template that can then be embedded right into your church or small group website with a link that’s easily shared on social media channels. With Formsite’s form builder, church members and others can add their fill-in form fields, including details about specific prayer requests and respondents’ information.

Imagine being on a budget and going to the supermarket without a laundry list of items you need. Check out Capterra’s list of the best Event Management software solutions. To tighten your budget, look into local gardening and home improvement stores willing to donate young trees to your event. Not only are you raising money for a worthy cause, but tree planting fundraisers also benefit the environment and brighten up communities. These future trees will bring new colors for parks, walkways, schools, and many other areas. Onboarding is easy Getting started with DonorDock is easier than you’d think. Book a demo and learn how Keela’s powerful Fundraising dashboard can elevate your nonprofit.

All of the data needed to produce this dashboard can be stored and analyzed in your database, whether it’s a spreadsheet or a nonprofit CRM. Keep in mind most CRMs will manage the data and run the analysis for you, providing you with these metrics each month in seconds. It’s a data visualization tool that consolidates and displays the current status of fundraising metrics and key performance indicators for your organization. It sheds light on areas in your organization that need attention and show you which initiatives are producing industry-leading results. Instead of trying to monitor every piece of information, you may want to focus only on a specific handful of metrics.

Donation Growth Rate Helps You Set Realistic Fundraising Goals

While it may not be obvious, email records are “documents” that should also be addressed in the nonprofit’s document retention policy. A statement that goods or services, if any, that an organization provided in return for the contribution consisted entirely of intangible religious benefits , if that was the case. A pledge card that includes a statement to the effect that the organization does not provide goods or services in consideration for contributions to the organization by payroll deduction. The templates selected in this article are examples to show the variety of budget templates available for nonprofits.

To streamline this process, a fundraising metrics dashboard will come in handy. These categories can serve as starting point for checking state-specific regulations that address document retention or destruction rules. This template also secures you legally from any unaccounted money complications.

  • You can also add your own fields to cover more details about each community service project you oversee.
  • Formsite’s online fostering application makes it easy for potential foster parents to start the foster care and adoption process while they’re still at home.
  • Add high-level estimates initially, but revisit your budget throughout the year.
  • A pledge card that includes a statement to the effect that the organization does not provide goods or services in consideration for contributions to the organization by payroll deduction.

This user-friendly, customizable donation form works for for profit and nonprofit organizations, and there’s no HTML or coding knowledge required! Automate your donation process by collecting contact information and credit card payment information, then complete payment processing quickly and efficiently so you can get back to helping your cause.

Event Fundraiser

Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know. Whether it’s to pass that big test, qualify for that big promotion or even master that cooking technique; people who rely on dummies, rely on it to learn the critical skills and relevant information necessary for success. These templates from renowned governance expert Simone Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip will help you build a stronger board, fix problems and take advantages of opportunities. Get your budget approved by stakeholders, and communicate it to your team once it’s approved. Transparency in communication will help you win your team’s trust and also make them act responsibly, as everyone will be aware of the spending plan.

fundraising record keeping template

Users can also add optional sign-up functionality for a prayer list and receive notifications when a new request is submitted. ” Generally, they are benefits provided by a tax-exempt organization operated exclusively for religious purposes, and are not usually sold in commercial transactions outside a donative context. Examples include admission to a religious ceremony and a de minimis tangible benefit, such as wine used in a religious ceremony. Benefits that are not intangible religious benefits include education leading to a recognized degree, travel services, and consumer goods.

Nonprofit Form Templates

All Formsite forms are fully editable, so this blood donation form sample template can be altered to suit your needs. Whether you’re running a charity donation blood drive or you’re a clinic moving away from any paper form of record keeping, our drag and drop editor makes customization a breeze — no HTML or coding required! Embed the mobile-friendly Blood Donation Form Template right into your website, so donors can download the form and fill out the contact information portion before their appointment. Submitted form data can be exported into other software formats for seamless record keeping, too. Community Service Form Track community service hours with an editable form that can be easily tailored to your specific service program. The Community Service Form Template from Formsite is a simple and customizable tracking form for use by nonprofit organizations, schools, and community service programs. From volunteer hours to contact information and tasks, this electronic form will help you and your volunteers stay organized.

fundraising record keeping template

In addition, a donor must maintain adequate records of the unreimbursed expenses. See Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, for a description of records that will substantiate a donor’s contribution deductions. Ensure your budget aligns with the grant’s guidelines, the funder’s expectations, and what you write in your grant proposal. For instance, the figures in your nonprofit budgeting spreadsheet should match the figures in your proposal. Include the true cost of items—use real numbers, not percentages or hypothetical figures—and make sure the amount you include in the budget sheet adds up to the total grant money you’re requesting.


One example, by understanding average gift size for a segment of donors you can ask for exactly the amount that is most likely to encourage the largest donation they will feel comfortable committing to. Recurring donations are the most sustainable source of income for most nonprofits because they reliably increase the size and volume of donations.

Formsite’s mobile-friendly fillable order forms make it easy to take your fundraising event on the go. You can also add the form to your website or share it on social media to attract even more orders and donations. Use our prebuilt Fundraiser Order Form template or modify it to meet the needs of your organization. This template could be used to collect donations, promote different sponsorship levels, sell candy, order t-shirts, and more.

Donor Retention Rate Is The Most Important Nonprofit Kpi

The listings are not intended as endorsements or recommendations of these templates. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

Make sure you know how much is coming in and going out when planning and hosting your fundraising event. P.S. Yes, I know that the donation tracking log screenshot shows 3 checks with the number 2032. You would of course be getting different check numbers if they were from the same person. Also, the donor names in the example are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons is completely coincidental. Organizations use spreadsheets to manage donors because spreadsheets are familiar, and often free. DonorDock is the best rated donor engagement tool, and it’s one of the most affordable, designed for small to medium sized nonprofits.

Donordock Is The Top Choice When Switching From Spreadsheets

If you run a nonprofit organization and don’t keep tabs on your monthly income sources and expenses, you’ll find yourself in a similar situation, either overspending or not spending enough on things that matter. But with proper budgeting, you can focus on the financial goal of your nonprofit. Plus, you’ll be better able to manage operations with the limited funds you receive. DonorDock costs less than most nonprofits think, and is affordable even for organizations on tight budgets. DonorDock simplifies the process of donor relationship management, and is a great choice for organizations looking to switch from spreadsheets. Keela is a comprehensive platform that gives you powerful, intelligent tools to manage your donors, mobilize your volunteers, market your nonprofit, and raise more money.

We know animal rescue organizations work hard to screen every applicant so each pet ends up in a loving home, and our Dog Adoption Application Form Template can help with that. Our drag-and-drop editor makes tailoring our Dog Adoption Application Form Template simple. Add fields related to adoption fees, whether or not potential adopters have a fenced yard, current pets and family members, gauge interest in obedience classes, and more. You can even tailor it so it functions as an adoption contract, too.

Please make sure to fill out all the forms and use a valid email address if you’d like to be added to the mailing list. With our new features, you can now track recent fundraising activity, transactions, and pledges for current and previous campaigns to make sure you’re set up for long-term success. Steps to organize a Successful Fundraising Event – 10 important points you can’t afford to overlook while you plan a successful fundraising event.

This is one of the most important fundraising KPIs for your entire organization. Check with the professional advisor/accounting firm that prepares your nonprofit’s annual returns to the IRS and ask what documents may be needed in the event of an IRS audit, and how long to retain them. State laws relating to employment (such as those governing employment/payroll) vary state to state and often have implications for document retention policies. Document retention policies are one of several good governance policies that the IRS highlights on the IRS Form 990 by asking whether the filing nonprofit has adopted a written record retention policy. All you need to do is to record each transaction in the table on the Fundraiser sheet.

The “bulb” of the thermometer displays the percentage of the total donations compared to the target. Summary Stats – In addition to showing the total donations, the summary at the top of the donation lets you calculate the total donations for a particular date or a specific date range . You can use these sample SUMIF formulas to create your own formulas. Some organizations may feel that they can’t afford a donor management system. Spreadsheets have the advantage of being free for most organizations.

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