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Also reproduces material requested from the files and/or charges it out to requesting party. Makes all arrangements for periodic PAC committee meetings including the preparation of all financial and activity reports. Takes and distributes minutes of deliberations and maintains all committee records.

nonprofit job descriptions

As an example, both organizations may have necessary positions in management, accounting, or even IT. Supervises the organization’s subscription fulfillment program and operations. This encompasses all member dues renewals and member and nonmember subscriptions, using an automated database fulfillment system. Responsibilities include data entry, file maintenance, quality control, publication member and nonmember billing, reports, mailing lists, statistics, and postal regulations.

Manager, Exhibits Job #

This role helps execute the mission statement and guides the nonprofit to achieve its charitable goals. In addition, knowing all the job titles will make it easier to adapt from the commercial to the nonprofit sector.

  • Exercises initiative to seek out and identify qualified protected class candidates for job vacancies through in-house selection procedures and outside sources.
  • So, if the mission is education, then the educational center will receive all the money collected.
  • Visits potential convention sites meeting with hotel, convention/tourist bureau officials and local suppliers to develop appropriate information for presentation.
  • By gaining the public’s trust, the NGO/NPO has a greater chance of meeting capital goals.
  • Their advice and counsel are often sought by the staff, organization constituency, government and the public.

May coordinate consultant assistance as needed for hardware and software support by outlining office needs and specifications requested; and seeing that the projects are carried out according to the specifications. The individual can work closely with an advertising agency that sells space in the organization’s various publications. Or the individual can be solely responsible for directly selling ad space in the organization’s publications. And in some instance may also be responsible for advertising the organization’s other products and services to members and other audiences. Spends a portion of the time conducting literature searches for the staff, members and the public. Some requests involve current issues or evolving trends, which require seeking out different source areas/facilities to locate and obtain the information. On occasion visits other facilities to review reference materials to determine applicability.

Scans new publication announcements and calls attention to text material. Provides material/information for; or may write periodic newsletter for member distribution, citing PAC activities and legislative/regulatory developments. Oversees the receipt, deposit and disbursement of all PAC monies; the accurate recording of all such transactions; as well as, the filing of reports with the Federal Election Campaign Commission.

Data Services

Without involving your leadership team regarding the responsibilities of this job, it is not likely that your candidates will meet the qualifications of an ideal candidate. However, there are certainly a number of jobs that are exclusive to the nonprofit sector. Conducts periodic salary surveys to determine general competitiveness, making recommendations based on survey findings. Maintains expenses files and monitors monthly budget statements to ensure prudent fiscal management of subscriptions unit. Additionally, responsible for the delivery and pickup of interoffice mail/correspondence; and for providing messenger services, either personal or by licensed vendors to pick up and deliver documents/materials around the area. Reviews disbursement transactions for properly authorized signatures, supporting documents and coding procedures before preparing checks. Oversees staff payroll procedures to ensure proper overtime and leave credits; changes for various deductions; for FICA and unemployment taxes.

This individual is typically experienced in one or more design software programs. Responsible for producing artwork in conformity with design and mechanical standards, and with the style of the publication. Interacts with systems analyst on large projects to determine best approach to systems design. Develops, tests, and implements programs, and integrates systems as required. Some positions may require the individual to develop and manage such annual special events as ceremonial dinners, receptions, community and cultural outings.

Monitors the Federal Election Campaign and Lobbying Acts to keep apprised of new developments and upcoming hearings. Briefs visiting members on these and arranges appointments for those who may wish to visit their congressional delegations. Participates in liaison activities which involve frequent personal contact with Members of Congress and their staffs, Congressional committees, regulatory and executive branch officials.

The typical Nonprofit Director of Philanthropy’s salary is $72,219 a year. To achieve a win, adding an all-in-one app can make all the difference in achieving goals. An all-in-one app can drive your mission and help you achieve excellence. Stay on top of tasks and find a flexible and agile way to communicate with your teams and donors, send them immediate updates and always know people receive your message fully and in time. Engage your people and boost morale in order to increase productivity and help them perform at the best level. Reports show that employees who didn’t receive the required training felt lost and are at a very high risk of leaving within one year. A Community Outreach Coordinator works hard to build interest in the community and spread awareness.

What Is A Nonprofit Executive Director?

Reviews completed products and services and analyzes actual production schedules to evaluate whether current suppliers continue to meet organization standards. Selects suppliers for art and design, printing, binding and mailing, judging their ability to meet standards of quality, service and cost economy. Coordinates and plans production schedules for the organization’s printing program. Assists departments selecting an effective format and identifying a mix of items that may comprise the printed package. On-site, incumbent may select, train and supervise a small group of temporaries or staff members provide general assistance in the exhibit area. Oversees the setting up, operation and dismantling of the exhibit area. Serves as the organization’s liaison to hotel staff, suppliers, exhibitors and members throughout me show.

What is the fiduciary responsibility of a nonprofit board?

Fiduciary duty requires board members to stay objective, unselfish, responsible, honest, trustworthy, and efficient. Board members, as stewards of public trust, must always act for the good of the organization, rather than for the benefit of themselves.

Evaluates the timeliness and quality of materials and service, including layouts, art, mechanicals, proofs and sample mailing packages. Establishes general production schedules and maintains contact on the progress of projects that move through the production cycle. Analyzes and resolves problems that may arise to insure delivery of a quality product within acceptable time frames.

Director, Information Technology Job #

The COO’S responsibilities are no doubt defined by the organization’s strategic imperatives, culture, design, and history, along with the weaknesses and strengths of the executive director. Responsible for researching, writing, interpreting and disseminating news and information about the organization, its programs and activities to the media. Congressional and government offices, and various publics and; for performing other general writing-editing assignments. Some organizations, because of their stated mission, deal regularly with the courts in various jurisdictions. In such instances, the individual may research, prepare, file and present to the court’s legal opinions, complains, grievances and petitions supporting the organization’s position relative to its stated objectives; or in the interest of its constituency. Conducts several specific statistical analyses on one or more segments of a research project. Uses a variety of standard and customized statistical software packages to accomplish these tasks which include; data entry and extraction, data conversion, manipulation, retrieval, editing, documentation, and formatting charts, graphic displays and tables.

nonprofit job descriptions

This affords the opportunity to exchange ideas, verifying assumptions and check on the feasibility of the design. Often serves as a translator and interpreter between the end user and data processing personnel. Must understand and interpret the user’s requirements in order to design a system that will accomplish the intended purpose, while at the same time translating the process for the programmers/analysts so they can develop the necessary programming techniques. Participates with user departments in defining and developing special requirements, projects and specifications for efficient processing of information. Provides artistic and graphic services to the organization’s publications program. Another aspect of this position calls for the individual to serve in the capacity of resident expert in one or more areas. Discussion of recent findings, or developments; their analyses, interpretation, and impact are usually the focus of such gatherings.

Oversees the dismantling activities; develops critique on the facilities, supplier services, registration activities; as well as general observations of the host community; reconciles all bills and approves for payment. Provides on-site management to ensure that all arrangements are executed properly. This includes ensuring that assistance is provided to attendees regarding general information, registration, housing, transport, communication, entertainment, audiovisual arrangements and security It also includes all contact with local vendors and suppliers. Receives all unsolicited inquiries about advertising, solving questions about billing or other account maintenance issues. Also responsible for invoicing all products, monitoring outstanding/aged receivables, and other business processes related to advertising sales, expense budgets, quarterly forecasting and other management reporting. Serves as staff liaison to one or more academy/foundation/institute committees or groups charged with reviewing and passing on requests for accreditation/certification. Drives organization vehicles or uses public transportation to pick up and deliver a variety of printed materials, documents and packages around the area that require special attention.

Generally, this position is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all IT functions at the organization. This includes directing IT operations to meet customer requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing applications and development of new technical solutions. May be given ownership of certain program areas which require special attention. This is the chief functional officer responsible for the organization’s technology direction and management.

Formulates positions to be presented to members, federal agencies and to appropriate U.S. and international standards organizations. Interfaces with various standards agencies and organizations, exchanges information.

Is expected to give assistance by developing ample information on vague inquiries in order to refer the call properly. Unanswered office phone calls may be rolled back to the receptionist in which case answers the lines and takes messages. Manages the presentation of regional conferences/seminars/workshops at various sites.

And running other projects with the purpose of helping the organization reach its annual goals. And running other projects to ensure the organization meets its annual goals. Another key factor is hiring the right staff, regardless of whether the employees are paid. Once those individuals are chosen for the role, it’s important that their managers engage with their employees or volunteers. In a for-profit business, money usually goes to the owner and its employees. In an NGO or NPO, the money goes to the cause they are fundraising for. So, if the mission is education, then the educational center will receive all the money collected.

Template Directory

Recommendations might include information sources to be used, areas within the project that are to be extensively developed, or new aspects that should be included in the development of the project. Prepares regular leave summary reports showing current leave balances by category for each staff member. This individual directs the legal affairs of the corporate organization and is involved in all matters that have legal implications even when these require the services of outside legal counsel.

Development Director

Serves as an internal consultant, by analyzing the environment and defining the appropriate processes required to manage the function. Evaluates new programming languages and software tools for future applications. Responsible for ensuring the security, efficiency and continuous functioning of an organization’s primary server. Recommends and implements changes in configuration and type of hardware/software and related equipment.

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