215+ Amazing Fundraising Ideas For Your Organization

You can partner with a local department or retail store or offer gift-wrapping services in a well-trafficked area. Offer extras like bows, ribbons, and tags to earn a little extra money. You can help these frenzied people out and earn a little extra money by offering gift-wrapping services.

Does America have pennies?

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Compile the pictures into a calendar and work with a publisher who can print your calendars in bulk. To bring this quick fundraising idea to life, you’ll need a package of straws. From there, you’ll write prizes down on little pieces of paper and stick them on the straw or inside the straw. Put the straws in a jar and charge participants fifty cents or $1 for each straw. Many schools and community parks allow charitable organizations to run their concession stands and keep a percentage of the profit.

Panera Fundraiser

These games work well in office and school settings, in particular. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, low-cost fundraising event, the guessing game is a safe bet.

By drawing the event out over the entire week, you’ll also have the additional time to host advocacy events as well. Non-events work best when you have an easily quantifiable fundraising goal in mind. If you’re an animal advocacy group, take advantage of their stress-relieving qualities to make some money for your cause by hosting an animal de-stress day. Raise money by selling the trees to people who want to participate. In the interest of keeping the event as affordable as possible, see if a local gardening store will donate some trees. If not, you can also buy cheap plantable tree containers and seedlings. During the event, your goal will be to sell as many raffle tickets as possible, usually priced around $1 or $2 each.

What is a silent auction?

Silent auctions are a type of charity auction and nonprofit fundraising event. During silent auctions, organizations raise money by taking bids on auction items and selling each to the highest bidder. Bidding is either conducted by using paper bid sheets or mobile bidding software.

Charge an admission fee and sell concessions during the event to raise money. An angel festival is the perfect fundraising event for churches, but other organizations can host them too.

Favorite Fundraising Ideas

Partner with a bar or restaurant to secure tables for two and appetizers for your speed dating night. To raise money, charge admission and have corporations sponsor tables at your event.

You’ll need to pick a place for your “studio” and promote the event around the community. Charge families for digital copies of the photos or charge a little extra for printed and framed versions.

Your biggest cost is going to be the ingredients, but if you buy in bulk you’ll more than break even in no time. Mud pits, rope courses, climbing walls, and much more make these races exhilarating. The events are great fun and great exercise, but not designed for the faint of heart.

#57: Checkout Fundraiser

This fun peer-to-peer event keeps participants and donors on their toes—literally. Have dancers create peer-to-peer campaigns and set a minimum goal for participation. For anyone with access to a treadmill at home, this event can also be completed virtually. Gamers can raise money by participating in a video gaming marathon. Livestream the event to reach a larger audience, and viewers can donate in order to submit challenges or request other forms of entertainment. Intensify the appeal by asking supporters to participate for a certain number of days or encouraging them to meet a personal fundraising goal. Keep costs low by offering white T-shirts and tie-dye materials so that participants can create their own masterpiece on a budget.

inexpensive fundraising

While most grants have a lot of competition and the grant-writing process can be time-consuming, the rewards are worth it. One grant can be enough to significantly boost your revenue (or at the very least help you boost your nonprofit’s awareness). The smallest to the largest nonprofits rely on email campaigns as one of the most effective fundraising and communication methods available. It’s the most direct way to engage with individuals who have already expressed interest in supporting your work. If you’ve already considered designing custom fundraising merchandise, be sure to choose a platform or service that offers multiple ways to sell apparel online. Envelope fundraisers can be adapted to fit any organization, no matter the size.

What Are The Easiest Fundraising Ideas?

Invite people to submit their unique and exotic dishes with a small donation attached. You can keep the meal specific to a country or region or let your cooks choose their own dishes. To get started, make sure that you have lots of different designs and patterns as well as paint that is safe for sensitive skin. Rally a group of eager volunteers to stand a safe distance from the road and draw attention to your car wash with signs. Use your monthly newsletter or post flyers around the neighborhood to let your community know about the event.

Don’t forget to coordinate with local authorities to make sure the course is safe and closed. Applebee’s will do all the cooking, but you’ll need to have enough volunteers on hand to bus tables and serve pancakes. You’ll need to find a wildlife expert or guide who can lead the walk. Guests should also be made aware of any potential dangers such as bears or ticks. Depending on your area, coordinating transportation — such as a bus that will pick up and drop off registrants at an easy-to-reach location — should also be arranged.

Volunteer Auction

Make sure you pick an area with ample room for all your vendors. Festivals also tend to get really messy, don’t skimp on the trash bin rentals.

  • As people eat and mingle, they can reminisce about the life of their loved one.
  • Holding a spring or fall carnival can bring your community together for some fun and games while you raise money for your cause.
  • Everyone loves when carolers knock on their doors around the holidays.
  • All you need to do is pick a challenge or task that can be easily accomplished, is related to your cause, and will be enjoyable to watch.

Try to secure donated or discounted food from local restaurants so no one has to worry about prep. Be creative, pull together some swag and a party at the end, and turn exercise into a festive experience. Be sure to follow up with the volunteers to make sure the services go smoothly for the auction winners. Be sure to plan the hunt route ahead of time so that it’s safe and fun for participants of all levels of ability. You’ll also want to establish if participants can do it via car or on foot. This one takes a little bit of organizing, but if you can pull it off, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

Idea #10: Swap Shop

If there’s another fundraising event going on in your local community, ask if you can set up a face-painting booth to raise additional funds. Charge an entrance fee at the door or sell tickets online beforehand.

Make it a party, make it fun, and look for ideas to get people to donate more throughout the evening. For more information, check out this guide on creating a sponsorship package. If a member of your team is expecting, this contest builds on the excitement around a new baby whilst also raising money for your organization. Take bets on what date people think the baby will be born, with a cash prize for the winner. There are also websites where you can organize these contests, invite people to add their responses and calculate the winner – try babyhunch or Baby Bookie.

Singles Charity Night

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 12 fundraising ideas that are perfect for every school. Charity auctions are one of the most reliable fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations, but planning a complex event can be a challenge. Thankfully, online auction software and services have made auctions a more realistic fundraising idea for more groups than ever before.

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