Understanding the Cost of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Let’s look into three different options your company could consider to fill this need… This article will dive into outsourced bookkeeping rates, including how much you can expect to pay based on what kinds of services you need and the type of provider you choose to work with. In addition to this, we’ll explore other factors—such as location and the complexity of services—and how they impact pricing, too. Did you know the average small business spends over 100 hours per year on administrative tasks like bookkeeping?

Recent reports estimate that small- and mid-sized businesses spend roughly 5% of their time on administrative tasks like bookkeeping and accounting. That might not seem like much, but that’s over 100 working hours a year that could be better spent on your business. how much does bookkeeping cost Another key benefit to outsourcing bookkeeping to a professional CPA firm is the level of expertise received. Small businesses and even mid-size companies don’t always hire the best talent to handle their daily and monthly bookkeeping responsibilities.

Do you want to pay hourly rates or a fixed fee?

Plus, because you are not limited to working with a bookkeeper who lives locally, you can find the best value virtual bookkeeping service for your business, regardless of location. When it comes to setting prices for your bookkeeping expertise, take note from Goldilocks and choose a price that’s “just right.” You don’t want your prices to be too low and you don’t want your prices to be too high. Otherwise, you may wind up missing out on profits or scaring off clients with high rates. On average, a full-time in-house bookkeeper’s annual salary is roughly $45,000 but unless you actually need full-time bookkeeping – and we’re guessing you don’t … yet – you’re paying for more hours than you need.

On average, small business owners can expect to pay between $ per hour for bookkeeping services, depending upon many factors. And, based on the services you require, you’ll probably need at least 5-15 hours per month worth of bookkeeping. So, if you do the math, most small- and mid-sized businesses can expect to pay between $250 – $1,500 per month.

Basic Bookkeeping Costs Per Month and Year

The average price of outsourcing your bookkeeping needs ranges depending on the number of transactions and complexity of services required. A key benefit of Outsourcing is it gives you the ability to customize the services you receive to your bookkeeping needs. Rather than tracking time spent on individual activities, businesses are charged a fixed fee based on what kinds of services are being provided and how long, on average, they take. Between $250-2,000, depending upon the amount of transactions and the complexity of the work.

Is it worth paying a bookkeeper?

They can teach you ways to cut costs, provide insight into your spending, and more. Ultimately, hiring a bookkeeper will help you save money. Hiring a bookkeeper, especially one who can work off-site, helps you avoid financial penalties. Hiring a bookkeeper gives you more time to focus on your business.

When hiring a part-time bookkeeper, management still needs to have someone reviewing the work of the bookkeeper. So your first consideration is whether you just need compliance – basic bookkeeping – or if you’re ready to graduate to full-service accounting that will help you drive increased profits, improved cash flow and growth. They require very different levels of effort and expertise and as you can imagine, the cost for full service accounting is much higher. However, most businesses that make the leap see the value and experience an ROI rapidly.

How much does it cost to outsource bookkeeping?

A bookkeeper records a business’s financial transactions with financial implications that need to be recorded and tracks your business’s financial transactions with entries to specific accounts using a debit and credit system. So here, we’ll cover how the cost of bookkeeping services varies depending on several factors and all the options available depending on the needs of your business. They are in charge of maintaining your financial books by keeping track of expenditures and revenue.

average cost for bookkeeping

Let’s take a look at how much these solutions really cost and how they could potentially pay off for you and your business. Working with a bookkeeping service gives you access to a team of professionals who will have the bandwidth and experience to meet your requirements. Whatever structure and pricing you go with, make sure to lay it all out on the table for current and prospective clients. That way, there are no surprise fees, and clients know what to expect from you. Look at the types of services you offer and compare what you currently charge to others. If a client takes advantage of multiple services, charge accordingly.

You may also want to increase pricing depending on what services are in demand and when they’re being taken advantage of (e.g., last-minute requests). Many clients may be willing to pay a little more in exchange for trustworthy knowledge and training. If you have special certifications, you may be able to make some price adjustments—and clients may be more than willing to pay for said adjustments if they know it means a higher level of trust and competency.

  • From selecting the services you need to choosing the right provider, the options are nearly endless.
  • To illustrate the cost efficiency of a part-time bookkeeper, consider the following example.
  • Such nuances can make the division of labor and trust a real strain on the employer and their company.
  • You may still have to audit a full-time bookkeeper’s work from time to time, but having them at the office every day allows you greater access to them and lets them learn your processes & systems more efficiently.
  • We work hard to evaluate the necessary tools and technologies that support remote work relationships while providing the key checks and balances needed in bookkeeping.
  • Along with considering the above factors when setting your pricing for bookkeeping services, you’ll also want to set up a pricing structure that works for you and your firm.

So, don’t be afraid to boast about your experience while marketing your accounting firm. And, use it as a competitive advantage when it comes to pricing your offerings. Chances are, clients are going to be more willing to pay an accounting firm more money over another if they have more experience. Let’s compare the cost of an in-house bookkeeper vs. an outsourced bookkeeper. But keep in mind that these numbers are industry averages, and are subject to variables, like your location. We offer an unprecedented level of quality for a fixed monthly fee, allowing companies to focus on growing their revenue while we handle all the daily, monthly, and annual financial work.

How Much Does A Bookkeeper Cost For A Small Business?

If you’re ready to take back that time, consider bringing in an outsourced bookkeeper to manage your books. Read this article to learn about outsourced bookkeeping rates and what goes into determining those costs. At BELAY, we prefer that our bookkeepers have bachelor’s degrees or five years’ experience – or both. If your business produces a large amount of complex transactions, hiring an in-house professional might seem like an easy solution.

average cost for bookkeeping

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