How To Raise Funds For A New Nonprofit

Next, I paid attention to why people cared about the organization. If I knew why our existing donors cared enough to keep giving, I could find more donors who would care just as much. They are established for charitable purposes and to provide donor... Read more

How To Apply For Grants

Created in an effort to use technology to provide and improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. Competing supplement – Also known as revision, the competing supplement adds fu... Read more

The Basics of Nonprofit Bookkeeping

That is why to perform all accounting activities smoothly and error-free a non-profit will require bookkeeping. You must earn sufficient money to cover costs such as employee compensation, unforeseen expenses, electricity bills, and rent, among other... Read more

How To Hold Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

Many nonprofits, start-ups, and community organizations find them restrictive, cumbersome, or difficult to enforce. If this is the case for your organization, take what works for you, and leave what doesn’t. The decision to come to a consensus... Read more

Guidelines For A Letter Of Intent

Appropriately reference any past accomplishments that verify your ability to succeed and your commitment to this project. Outline any partnerships you have built with complementary organizations and individuals. Most grantmakers post funding guideli... Read more

Nonprofit Quarterly Npq

Nonprofit Quarterly is a publication that offers information on the latest trends that affect non-profits. It offers its information in both print and online formats at a quarterly pace. Click here to view and download the accompanying slidesHow doe... Read more