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Capital campaigns differ from other forms of fundraising in that they are massive projects that can span multiple years and cost thousands of dollars. As such, capital campaigns often require a targeted fundraising effort with specific phases. A capital campaign is a targeted fundraising effort that takes place over a defined period of time. As a nonprofit professional, you already know the importance of fundraising, and capital campaigns are one of the most impactful methods to help your mission. We joined with local and national partners to launch Lyra Colorado, an independent nonprofit dedicated to supporting educator and community empowerment by creating more responsive education systems and structures. Lyra works with the three Denver Public Schools Innovation Zones to ensure their long-term sustainability and advance their mission to create systems that support and elevate educators. Lyra also supported the creation of a regional partnership in southwest Colorado to help five school districts partner and two higher education institutions to create more opportunities for students.

Whereas other types of campaigns will have general goals and benchmarks to aim for, the goals of a capital campaign are more specific and clearly laid out as the campaign progresses through its phases. The end goal of a capital campaign is rarely an abstract change; it is almost always something concrete, like a building or equipment. The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources.

The issues described above have directly informed our efforts to develop the Foundation’s next five-year strategic plan, the process for which began in 2020 and will continue through the end of 2021. We look forward to sharing this new strategy with partners and grantees, including the many new relationships that will be required to make progress. We know that we must double down on listening, bringing diverse stakeholders together, and finding common ground. The Bruening Foundation awards grants to 5013 organizations based in Cuyahoga County. Very rare exceptions may be made, on a case-by-case basis, for organizations headquartered outside the County that maintain facilities within the County, fall within our priority program areas, and serve the residents of Cuyahoga County.


The addition of a spatial ecologist allows Peregrine Fund to research and support the conservation of raptors around the world. A new program manager allows the Brian Grant Foundation to serve more people with Parkinson’s.

Within the site, you should provide the donation page for your capital campaign, event registration forms, progress updates on the campaign, and engagement materials like videos and photos. In order to have a healthy, successful capital campaign, you should thank your donors immediately, sincerely, and often.

Requests for program, start-up or emergency operating and capital support will be considered. Applicants are discouraged from submitting requests for endowment, general operating expenses, research, symposia/seminars or fundraising events. No grants are awarded to individuals, nor does the Foundation respond to mass mailings or annual campaign solicitations. At the Bruening Foundation, we believe learning is the process through which people develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow them to flourish as human beings and citizens. The Bruening Foundation’s responsive grantmaking strategy is a modern interpretation of our founding couple’s core interests. It is an integral part of our responsive grantmaking areas of Learning and Safety Net Services.

Climb Higher Colorado is providing a fellowship for education leaders to gain skills, develop a network, and construct and implement strategies necessary to address systemic educational challenges facing students and families. Keystone Policy Center is working with Ute Mountain Ute tribal leaders to design a new tribal school to be located on the reservation. Financial and technical support from Gates has helped the tribe-led team explore the concept and feasibility of such a school, and then define the pathway to execution and operation. RISE Colorado is training principals and school leaders and increasing their knowledge and capacity regarding best practices relating to family engagement, educational equity, systemic racism, and how power and privilege impacts education and school systems. Prior to submitting a proposal, many applicants find it useful to contact a program officer of the Foundation to review the substance of the proposed project.


Test the waters by talking to the movers and shakers of your local community. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know. Whether it’s to pass that big test, qualify for that big promotion or even master that cooking technique; people who rely on dummies, rely on it to learn the critical skills and relevant information necessary for success. It should be short, to the point, and connected to work your campaign is doing.

Priority will be given to sites of documented national and then state historic significance. Grant recipients must include appropriate acknowledgement of Foundation’s financial support in a local press release and on all printed materials generated for the project. Challenge Grants can be made in the range of $50,000 to $1 million, although a range of $250,000 to $500,000 is more common. Grants are made on a 2-to-1 basis, meaning that to receive the grant, recipients must raise twice the awarded sum within three years. Failure to meet the challenge within the specified period will result in cancellation of the grant in full. Some companies will respond favorably and donate generously while others will have guidelines about the types of nonprofits and projects they donate to.

A slowly-building crisis of relevance is also evident in Colorado’s conservation field. Values of diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t reflected often enough in the management of natural resources, the protection of landscapes, or in the voices advocating for the same at every level. Efforts to make conservation more inclusive and diverse will take time; this is a Gates Family Foundation priority now and into the future. Throughout 2020, Gates Family Foundation staff and board members worked alongside the state’s nonprofit, foundation, government, and education leaders to leverage all of the Foundation’s resources in response to the evolving COVID crisis. Reach Capital invests in people and solutions that broaden access to quality education. Edtech products in Reach’s portfolio are grounded in strong pedagogy, research-driven, and support students with limited educational opportunities due to their socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and geography. Gates staff co-hosted a webinar with Chalkbeat Colorado and the Colorado Education Initiative to elevate student voices during the pandemic.

  • Having this information will help guide you toward your major gift donors.
  • Edtech products in Reach’s portfolio are grounded in strong pedagogy, research-driven, and support students with limited educational opportunities due to their socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and geography.
  • Reach Capital invests in people and solutions that broaden access to quality education.
  • The fund’s first round of awards totaled approximately $2.7 million to eleven different large-scale habitat restoration and enhancement projects across the state.

The Vision & Call Internship program gives interns the opportunity to consider their vocational direction while gaining meaningful work experience in a nonprofit setting. Grants help faith-based organizations across the Pacific Northwest develop ministry internship programs for young adults, typically traditional-aged college students and recent graduates.

Orchestra music, art museums and theater were all passions of Jocelyn Gilchrist. As she grew older, she enjoyed listening to orchestra performances on local public broadcasting stations. As such, organizations related to the Arts or public broadcasting are invited to apply for funding through the Gilchrist Foundation. Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate a pattern of programming and services connected to the site and their stated mission (e.g. educational programs, events, hospitality). Donated materials and services can also serve as match when valued at fair market cost. Staff salaries, organizational overhead, and campaign fundraising costs are not eligible sources of match. The best route to take is to research which companies offer grant programs and regularly donate to nonprofit organizations.

Who Should You Interview For A Feasibility Study?

It also provides a broader justification for why your nonprofit exists and why the project is needed. The right slogan ensures that your capital campaign stands out from the pack. This way, you’ll know that you have dependable and dedicated software as you plan and conduct your campaign. After it’s done, your software should collect all the important data that you can learn from at the conclusion of the campaign. Make sure to allot enough funds in your budget to pay for the consultant’s services.

capital campaign grants

Capital campaign slogans are brief, catchy ways of communicating your campaign’s brand. The slogan is a big part of how you’ll differentiate the campaign’s efforts from your other fundraising endeavors.

Essentials For A Successful Capital Campaign

Once you’ve crafted an elegant proposal that gets to the heart of your campaign’s mission, submit it for approval. From your slogan, potential supporters should be able to easily grasp what’s at the core of your campaign. Look for candidates with both an affinity for your organization and the ability to gift a large donation.

Implementing A Capital Campaign

Given the Foundation’s limited resources, organizations interested in submitting an application for capital support should first submit a letter of inquiry to be considered at one of the Distribution Committee’s three scheduled meetings . With the right fundraising consultant, your nonprofit will have the support it needs to reach its fundraising goals and fulfill its mission. This kind of support is especially important when your organization is embarking on a capital campaign, which can present a unique set of challenges for your team. Schools, colleges, and universities are the other type of organization that frequently uses capital campaigns as a fundraising method.

This consulting firm has proven experience helping nonprofits of all shapes, sizes, and focuses build sustainable solutions to help strengthen key aspects of your operations. Specifically, this firm focuses on assisting fundraising, strategic planning, executive searches, and board governance. Capital campaigns often enlist the help of major gifts officers, prospect researchers, volunteer coordinators, event planners, and marketing coordinators among others to bring their unique expertise to the table. After months quietly courting major donors, it’s time to host a press conference and throw a launch party. Within the planning phase, you must complete a feasibility study, assemble your team, set your goals, deadlines, and budget, and conduct a prospect screening.

The goal of a capital campaign grant is to make a significant contribution to worthy renovation or expansion projects that will enhance the mission of the recipient charity. Priority will be given to applicants with demonstrated success in past capital fundraising efforts or who have prepared a campaign feasibility study demonstrating the campaign goal is achievable. Any funds raised after that notice can be counted as match toward the challenge goal . A gift agreement will then be prepared by the Foundation’s attorney and sent to the grantee by Sept. 1 for review and signature. SalsaLabs can help your nonprofit organization or schools raise money and reach out to donors and advocates with comprehensive fundraising and advocacy software packages.

The education program adapted grantmaking and approaches to respond quickly and flexibly to the changing realities of K-12 education in Colorado. Invitations are extended at the discretion of the Foundation and its directors who work closely with potential applicants to assess their readiness to launch a capital campaign.

In 2019 we prioritized supporting organizations focused on engaging communities in re-envisioning transportation and mobility options, creatively solving problems, and holding government leaders accountable for setting and achieving ambitious goals. Colorado’s rapidly changing rural and urban communities are both an opportunity and a challenge in ensuring stronger, more resilient communities for all.

Without a feasibility study prior to your campaign, you risk investing a lot of time and money into something that won’t follow through. It helps break your capital campaign fundraising goal into more manageable chunks. Essentially, you’ll take your total dollar amount goal and divide that amount across giving levels. Many donors feel more inclined to lend their support to a capital campaign when they know their donation will be matched by their employer, enabling your organization to accomplish so much more. During the quiet phase, 50%-70% of the funds are raised through major gifts strategies.

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