Fundraising Disclosure Agreement

Some nonprofits hire outside consultants to be responsible for fundraising activities, while other nonprofits hire staff members for this role, or use a combination of employees plus consultants. There is no right or wrong approach, but how your nonprofit elects to handle staffing for its fundraising activities can have important ramifications. Notwithstanding anything in this agreement to the contrary, Client shall have the right to terminate this Agreement within 3 after payment and execution of the agreement but prior to completion of the document or service to be rendered. “Consulting firm” nevertheless shall be entitled to a fee of $100 per hour as settlement for services already rendered on behalf of client in furtherance of the assignment prior to termination of the agreement. Payments under this agreement shall be due for work performed in accordance with this agreement prior to commencement of work to be performed for the client.

We serve as advisors, consultants, researchers, trainers, writers and planners but do not staff or manage campaigns. Our recommendations are informed by professional experience but do not include sharing data or information specific to any individuals or clients. Even the names used for fundraising consultants vary from state to state (i.e., some state laws use “professional fundraiser” others use “fundraising counsel”). When your nonprofit hires a fundraising consultant, you may work with them on capacity building efforts to prepare your team to achieve its fundraising goals.

fundraising consultant agreement

Recruit a committee of solicitors sufficiently large enough to assign personal solicitors to all prime prospects. Each solicitor will be responsible to personally solicit five to six prospects. Assist in the development of other campaign-related materials, such as pledge cards, gift return envelopes, proposals, brochures, etc. Work with solicitors to provide solicitation strategies for their prospects. Coordinate all aspects of the campaign working with the campaign chair. Provide the resources and guidance necessary for the chairperson to lead the solicitors in the most efficient and timely manner possible. Identify donor prospects and determine appropriate asking strategies and donation amounts.

We help you meet goals, enhance donor relationships, gain skills and deepen your professional approach to fundraising. So, old guard or not, there are those professional standards and tenets of conduct which do not change. Focusing too strongly on fees for consulting services, in terms of cost per hour, per day, or per month can mislead. A stated hourly, daily, or monthly rate is relatively meaningless. It all comes down to the total time provided by a consultant to the consulting engagement. Fundraising Consultant Best Practice | Still looking for fundraising consultant recommendations? Visit Double the Donation for their list of the top fundraising consultants that your team can consider.

Search For The Right Fundraising Consultant

Help to identify the most likely prospects for those underwriting and sponsorship opportunities based on past experience, prospect contribution guidelines, and the degree to which recognition and credit for support is desired. Assist in the development of full proposals for funding to the appropriate prospects. Annual fund campaign gifts to the Non-Profit Organization provide the entry point of support for most of its donors. Annual funds comprise the foundation of the NPO’s overall operating support, and they are the steppingstones to special and major gifts.

  • It is the express intention of the Organization and Company that Company performs the Services as a professional fundraising consultant to the Organization.
  • Younger organizations have different needs than more established ones, and your consultant should take this into account.
  • One hour is added to your monthly bill for ongoing projects, to cover multiple brief miscellaneous communications including e-mail.
  • The views and opinions expressed during by the third-party sponsors in marketing materials, verbal announcements and claims made within do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff and management of Sponsr.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall in any way be construed to constitute Company as an agent, employee or representative of the Organization or the Sponsor.

Finding a fundraising consultant is just half the battle. Now that you’ve selected your top choice , it’s time to reach out and make your proposal. Check out these tips for finalizing the hiring process and securing your partnership. Let’s break down some of the top services fundraising consultants offer so your team can find the right nonprofit consultant. Whether you’re launching a capital campaign, reevaluating your fundraising strategy, or looking to build capacity, a fundraising consultant should be part of your plan. Check out these important steps to follow when finding the best consultant for your nonprofit’s needs.

When first searching for information on fundraising consultant fees, the question many individuals wonder about is exactly how fundraising consultants are compensated. Before your team starts planning your next big fundraising campaign or overhauling your strategy, take some time to brush up on how much hiring a fundraising consultant will cost. This sample annual fund agreement can be easily adapted for capital, endowment, sponsorship, and underwriting campaigns. The purpose of the fund-raising campaign and some of its jargon might be different, but for the most part, the steps in the fund-raising process are the same.

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Your team should always meet in person or speak over the phone with your fundraising consultant. There’s a lot you might not be able to gauge about a firm on paper that can be crucial to the success of your partnership. Once you’ve chosen your preferred fundraising consultant, your nonprofit will need to formally reach out to the firm to initiate your partnership by submitting a Request for Proposal, or RFP. Fundraising Consultant Best Practice | One way to test the waters with a fundraising consultant?

fundraising consultant agreement

We look for open communication and will work with you to make certain your concerns and needs are met. We provide a proposal with a reliable estimate for time and costs, based on hourly investment of our time. You are billed only for time you use and we have no retainers or minimums.

Choose A Fundraising Consultant Who Is The Best Fit For Your Team

Company is not responsible for claims, use of funds, infringements, or other grievances based on the information provided on the webpage. It is important that our clients are happy with the services provided, that we trust each other, and that fundraising goals are achieved.

The less able the organization is to handle the planning and management of the campaign, the greater will be the organization’s need of and outlay for consulting services. Develop and prepare documents and exhibits required for all meetings, including agendas, time-lines, etc., with campaign leadership, committee, and staff. A key aspect of FRC’s service will be personal involvement in working with NPO campaign management in the formulation of detailed and individualized strategies for all solicitations for major gifts. FRC will work closely with the NPO campaign leadership to maximize the chances for success in each major-gift solicitation instance.

Because of this, always remain open to reevaluating your top choices as the hiring process gets into full gear. You can always regroup before the contract is signed if you realize you need to go in a different direction. Recommendations from nonprofits of a similar scale as yours. Fundraising campaign direction in which you position the consultant as a leader of your next campaign to help see you through to your goals. In them, you will set goals for different fundraising metrics that must be met as part of your terms, financial incentives for reaching these goals, and even penalties for not performing up to expectations. While we are happy to work on an ‘as needed’ basis for short assignments, clients on contract have scheduling preference. All clients involved in an ongoing project are expected to keep us informed regarding progress and changes so we can offer the most appropriate advice and assistance; you are charged for ‘updating’ time.

Non-Profits are given that name/status for a very good reason. They are not in the “business” to make money for their investors and shareholders. They are in business to serve the needs of society—needs which would not ordinarily be served by any commercial or governmental entity. For more information regarding fund-raising consultants, you are welcome to review my article To Consult, Or Not To Consult, That Is The Question. These attributes create a value that will help you move forward more rapidly and aggressively.

This is a subjective metric to analyze, but the entire process will go over more smoothly if your fundraising consultant fits in with your team. Fundraising Consultant Best Practice | Planning a capital campaign? Your team should hire a fundraising consultant to guide the way. Check out our 11 steps to plan a capital campaign to learn more about what you can accomplish with a consultant on the team.

Consulting Agreement For An Annual Fund Campaign

Be sure to ask around with your nonprofit peers and learn their impressions of the firm’s work. Their experience working with nonprofits of a similar scale, mission and constituency as yours. They should be well-versed in what your nonprofit is trying to achieve. Nonprofit education services like professional development classes, lectures, and staff training.

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If your fundraising consultant takes your nonprofit seriously, they’ll never mislead you or unnecessarily inflate your bill. However, it’s quite likely that over the course of your partnership with a consultant that you’ll need to make an additional investment or two. Organizations often wonder where additional expenses will arise, how to navigate these costs, and what investments are truly necessary to get the most out of your partnership with a fundraising consultant. Like any other business, fundraising consulting firms work hard for their reputations among the nonprofit community. When your nonprofit decides which fundraising consultant you want to be your partner, the next thing you’ll need to determine is how much their services will actually cost. Depending on the kind of compensation agreement your nonprofit and fundraising consultant can come to, you can always expect to sign a contract before your engagement begins. These contracts protect both your organization and your fundraising consultant partner.

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The Company acts as a professional fundraising consultant in compliance with Federal and State laws governing non-profit fundraising. We charge for work in meetings , preparation, telephone contact, writing, research and other independent work conducted on behalf of a client, in quarter-hour segments. Routine office, phone and copying costs are not billed. It is not considered ethical to compensate fundraising professionals with a commission, or a percentage of contributions, or funds raised. Consulting firm shall be accessible and shall be available to attend meetings to discuss, review, or otherwise consult on funding proposals and fund-raising, for a fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis. However, having experience with countless thousands of organizations seeking funds, I can count on just a couple of fingers when someone, from the outside was to be “the” raiser of funds, and wanted to know what her “cut” should be. My error was in perception, but my argument against the hiring of paid solicitors remains unwavering.

Learn about relief funds governments have available to invest in nonprofits and how to advocate for them. A contract for a cut for any money raised for an organization is a bad contract. In your response to Lisa you reference her being a volunteer. She plainly states that the ORG is made up of volunteers and has no starting funds, and the she is being hired as a fundraiser. I have heard of a number of swindlers and hired guns and unethical performers of the raising money for charities and pocketing most of what is raised via contingent-pay schemes. Compile applicable previous donor data, identify new and likely prospects, and provide all other related information required. Incorporate benefits and privileges to donors for corresponding contributions.

That can be confirmed by reviewing my website’s articles and plan outlines for those respective fund-raising campaigns. An RFP is a document outlining several key topics such as your history as a nonprofit, the scope and success of your past fundraising campaigns, and the types of services you’re looking for. You’ll want to pick a fundraising consultant who aligns with your nonprofit’s culture.

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