15 Best Practices In Setting Up And Sending Nonprofit Newsletters

Click the links below to browse past issues ofNonprofit Advocacy UpdatesandNonprofit Knowledge Monthly. Learn about relief funds governments have available to invest in nonprofits and how to advocate for them. Preserving the Johnson Amendment to remain above the partisan fray is vital to nonprofit missions. You can also ask your members to submit their own photo essays — they definitely have unique perspectives and experiences.

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Use links to give readers access to the stories and events that interest them. This allows you to cut down on unnecessary text in your newsletter. While this cuts the cost of printing and postage, your contacts can now trash the document you worked so hard on with a push of a button. If your nonprofit newsletter doesn’t grab readers’ attention and keep them engaged, your updates can become just another piece of junk mail.

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Make your newsletter scannable with bold headlines and bullet points where applicable. When you want to include a story or event, start by thinking about what is the most important information you need to convey. If you have a 5K run/walk event coming up, there are lots of details you can include, but that doesn’t mean you should. You might have tons of facts about past race winners and the importance of cardiovascular exercise, but these details aren’t necessary to deliver your message. These articles offer ideas about which types of content to include in newsletters. You can include links in your footer that point to any page of your site that you want.

What type of marketing are newsletters?

Definition: Newsletter marketing is the practice by which companies send informational and product-focused content via an emailed letter to a subscriber list that comprises potential and existing customers.

Does your nonprofit serve a particular community of people? Get in touch with these people and ask them if they’d be willing to share their story. Let your newsletters be informative, engaging, and authentic. When you do ask for donations, lead your supporters over to your donation page. This way, you increase the chances your audience engages with your content and opens your future newsletters. Include specific calls to action and links that make following through as simple as possible. If you use an email marketing service to send out your newsletters, develop a template that you’re going to use moving forward.

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There’s no magic answer that’s right for every organization. Try sending a newsletter once per month and go from there.

What is a newsletter for Ngo?

An email newsletter is a digital piece of communication delivered to a person’s inbox. These online newsletters are often just one part of an NGO’s digital marketing campaign – online and technology-based efforts to engage with an audience and persuade them to perform a specific task.

Use this short section to thank local businesses, sponsors, media, scout troops, etc., who have done something wonderful to support your nonprofit. It’s good to thank these people publicly and it also plants the seeds of ideas in the minds of others who could help in a similar way. Make the donor feel good about supporting your mission and even feel like they’re part of the family . Unfortunately, most email newsletters look like someone created it on a dare to, throwing a bunch of random things together so they could call it done. When done well, email newsletters can be fast and cheap for you and heartwarming for your donor, basically meeting everyone’s needs.

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The people who are engaged with your cause are the ones who have expressly opted-in to receive communication from you. If they haven’t said, “Yes, give me your news,” anything you send them is wasting your energy. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to build an email list full of people interested in hearing about your mission and the work you do. Don’t forget to include your nonprofit’s general email, phone number, and physical address in case someone wants to reach out with a question.

Basically, your email newsletter is there to keep the lines of communication open and to meet the donor’s need to feel good about your nonprofit. Constant Contact is another great email builder tool with more features than Mail Chimp, but with a higher price tag. However, they also offer a discount for nonprofits. It also integrates with popular donor-tracking tools like Kindful and Bloomerang. Don’t give anyone any reason not to read your e-newsletter. There are so many things that can happen in your nonprofit in a month or even in a week and it’s tempting to include it all.

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Start by talking about the transformation in terms of what their life was like before they got help from your nonprofit, and what it’s like after they got help. Use hero language like “we couldn’t have done it without you” to engage the donor. The purpose of your nonprofit’s email newsletter is to meet your donor’s need for satisfaction and connection, not to meet your need for convenience. Your newsletter gives you the chance to write as one person to another person with an authentic, warm connection.

Breaking your newsletter up with images also makes it more scannable and easy to read. TheSierra Clubnewsletter starts off with a message from the Chair, adding a personal touch to a newsletter from a large organization.

While there may be some national benchmarks for some of these numbers, the smartest thing you can do is measure against yourself. What’s YOUR nonprofit’s typical open rate or click through rate?

Take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on them. It can be very powerful to hear firsthand accounts from the people whose lives have been made better because of your organization’s existence. It serves as a reminder of why your work is so important, makes members of your community feel good about supporting you, and inspires them to continue or increase their involvement. GiveForms can take over at this stage and help you raise funds by letting you seamlessly accept donations online. Your supporters can donate using a credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or bank transfers. With a focus on intuitive, human-centered design, GiveForms goal is to help you increase your online donations.

  • So, it’s better to have one good story that demonstrates your effectiveness than several stories that overwhelm your reader.
  • TheSierra Clubnewsletter starts off with a message from the Chair, adding a personal touch to a newsletter from a large organization.
  • In order to raise money from people, they have to actually hear about you.
  • One of THE BEST ways to keep in touch with your donors is through nonprofit newsletters.

Stay up-to-date with the latest nonprofit resources and trends by subscribing to our free e-newsletters. The people who attended will be happy to reminisce about a great time and will eagerly flip through the gallery in hopes of seeing their own photo pop up.

Once you get an email template created, make sure to test it on multiple devices to make sure it will look right no matter how your audience is reading it. Also test it on an Apple product and a PC-based product to make sure there’s no weirdness (there shouldn’t be, but you never know!). Instead, you’ll need to get creative with your subject lines. List out any upcoming events or activities so people can put them on their calendar.

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These articles outline the major components of effective newsletters, illustrated with real-life examples. This means you need to strive for a happy medium between a slick or too-sophisticated design and one that is too dull, old-school or homespun. This newsletter from Get Healthy DeSoto offers an excerpt from their latest blog post to entice the reader and invites them to read the rest of the article on their website. The next section presents a GIF animation as a preview of a video that the reader can click to watch. If your role has anything to do with tweeting, liking, sharing, subscribing, or following, then this is for you. Navigating the complex world of social media is a whole lot easier with this newsletter to keep your head above water. Either way, NTEN’s Connect newsletter is the one for you.

Make sure your members hear from this person often and that the message is well crafted and to the point, but is also authentic and down to earth. There’s nothing worse than an address from leadership that uses boilerplate language and feels like it wasn’t written by that person at all. Members of your community almost definitely have insightful questions and ideas for discussion. Why not open up the floor and let everyone contribute? Chances are, many other members have the same inquiry but don’t have the confidence to step forward and ask.

TheNew York Public Library’snewsletter offers further engagement with using the library itself. Titled, “NYPL Top Picks,” the newsletter includes updates on recent news from the library system, book recommendations, and events. The book recommendation content drives further reader engagement by encouraging library members to come back to the library and check out some of the recommended reads. Your nonprofit newsletter should be written with your CTA in mind. If you want to recruit volunteers, your newsletter should include stories that show the importance and impact volunteers have on the people you serve. If you don’t have content outside of what you send in your email newsletter, you’re not going to keep donors’ attention for long.

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